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Running Customer Interviews - Pre MVP

Last Edit 28/11/2019

This is a list of questions to prepare for a customer interview. Having a list of questions is great, and is highly recommended.

Going through your list of questions 1 by 1 sucks, and is not recommended.

Have a fun conversation. Be interested in your user. Try to understand what they are doing, and why.

It's a great opportunity to dive deeper into someone else's mindset and life -- It's an opportunity we don't get often, if you think about it.

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— is that your main job right now? How is that going?

What are your goals right now?

How do you set goals, is that a team-based process?

What’s the hardest thing about setting goals?

What’s your team size by the way?

And are you all in the same location, or distributed?

What’s your role on the team?

How do you align among your team?

Have you ever used OKRs before? What are your thoughts on those?

Do you see goal setting as something you would want to implement? Or it’s more of an afterthought?

What does your week look like?

What are some of the apps you’re using now?

Are you using slack for most of your communication?

What do you use for scheduling?

I wanted to discuss meetings with you, you seem to dislike them quite a lot.

How many meetings did you have last week?

What kinds of meetings were they?

Do you do standup meetings? Daily or weekly?

How do you feel about standup meetings?

What’s the hardest or worst part about meetings?

Could you tell me about the last time you had that problem

What have you done to solve this problem

What don’t you love about the solutions you’ve already tried

What about a good meeting — what does that look like to you? Or what do you feel after having a good meeting?

Have you ever had meetings that were really engaging or exciting? That energized you?

Have you tried any apps to help with meetings?

How are your meetings handled? Is there one facilitator? Do you have an agenda?

Have you ever tried written meetings?

Have you ever tried a design sprint?

Lightning decision jams?

Weekly retrospectives

Any examples of gamification that you like?

What comes to mind when you hear the word faction?

Is that positive or negative?

What are the main issues you’re facing?

Any other apps you wish you had, or anything you’re looking for right now?

Are you searching for any solutions?