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Focus on energy

Last Edit 12/11/2019

One of the things I didn’t do in the past that seems crazy to me is that I had very little focus on energy.

It seems obvious when I say it now.

If you focus on your energy, you will be able to achieve more in less time, because you will perform far better. You will be excited about your work and enthusiastic about your possibilities.

If you aren’t focusing on energy, it’s time to start. And it’s not hard.

We’re going to do it in two steps.

Focus on You

The first step is from Matt Mochary’s “The Great CEO Within”; we’re going to do an energy audit.

[1] For the next week, track everything you do. Use 15 or 30 minute increments.

[2] At the end of the week, get two different coloured highlighters (i.e. green and red), and go through your list of things you’ve worked on.

[3] If a task was energizing, highlight green. If you’re not sure, or it wasn’t, highlight red.

[4] Look at the time you spent doing energizing tasks — your goal is to get this to >75%. As an entrepreneur with a small team or indie hacker, this should be even higher in my opinion.

[5] The next step is to write out a list of each of the reds. What are the tasks that were not energizing for you?

Now make a plan to either:

Delegate it, Eliminate it, or Make it Energizing (sometimes you just need a different approach or perspective)

[6] Continue this until you’ve achieved 75%+ on your energy audit.

Focus on Your Team & Others

Now, when you’re interacting with others, think about their energy. When you have more energy you will naturally be more radiant and give the people around you more energy, but we’re going to try to add to that.

How can you give them more energy?

When you’re giving someone a task to do, how can you also excite them about it? How can you make this an energizing task for them?

Try this out and let me know how it goes. I’m sure you’ll be amazed by the results!